Right to Be Forgotten and the immutability of Blockchain

Sending Medical Test Results to Patient

Dr. John Smith wants to send Mark Douglas, his patient, the results of a medical test that Mark has done in the medical office. As Mark is very busy in his work, he can’t go to the DR’s Office. Anguished he asks the Dr to tell him the results over the phone, but the doctor refuses kindly, telling him that he can’t do it because the GDPR prevents him from doing so. But he proposes to send the results through MARAChain, and that he would have them on his computer or smartphone in seconds. Mark accepts.

Dr. John asks Mark for his email address in order to send Mark the results through MARAChain. Dr. John fills in the recipient email field with Mark’s email, uploads the results of his medical test to MARAChain, and proceeds to send it to Mark. Mark receives an email indicating that he has a document waiting to be read at MARAChain. He clicks on the verification link, and access the document, confidentially, privately and verified. Dr. John Smith receives a notification from MARAChain, informing him that Mark has accessed the document.


MARAChain acts as a Central Bank, where there are as many security boxes as there are documents transferred. Each security box has 3 security locks, which only 3 keys can open.

  1. MARAChain key, generated by the software and inaccessible by the staff.
  2. Sender Key, created at the moment of the user’s registration.
  3. Recipient key, created at the moment of the user’s registration.

These keys are unique and non-transferable, and always identify its bearer user.

In the previous example, when Dr. John click on the submit button, his “Digital Me” accessed the Bank of MARAChain, searched, in the list of accounts, to the Mark Douglas ‘s “Digital Me”. When he was not there, he asked MARAChain to create it, giving him Mark’s email address. Once Mark’s account was created (along with his security key), Mark’s and Dr. John ‘s “Digitals Me” accessed the Safe. MARAChain gave them a new Security Box where the three introduced their respective keys. When opening the Box, Dr. John’s “Digital Me” introduced his document, and proceeded to close the box. At this time, MARAChain wrote a unique security code in the box and stored it in the Network of Distributed Nodes of MARAChain. Then MARAChain sent an email to Mark Douglas informing him that he has a document in MARAChain.

In order for Mark Douglas to access the document, he must access MARAChain, and his “Digital Me” search Dr. John’s “Digital Me” to, together, go to the Safe, and open the box with the document sent.


MARAChain is developed with Blockchain technology, which disables the elimination of data stored in the database. Instead, in order to comply with the GDPR, MARAChain creates a system of security keys that identify the user. If a user requests to apply his “right to be forgotten” or requests the deletion of the data stored in MARAChain about his person, MARAChain will informe him that this will cause his user, in MARAChain, to be eliminated. When the User is removed, the User Identification Key is destroyed, which makes it impossible to access of his documents. This will be done as long as the transferred documents can be disposed of in accordance with current legal regulations.

If the User were to register again in MARAChain, the system would give him an identification key, different from the previous one, so he could not access the documents prior to his new registration. In this way, MARAChain allows the destruction of access to documents once the Right to Be Forgotten has been requested, maintaining the Immutability of the Blockchain.


Send a private document with legal validity and GDPR Compliance at the price of a soft drink

This coming summer (2018) will take place the launch of MARA, the token with which a group of specialists will develop the first distributed and secure network for the transfer of private documents, with the compliance of the GDPR and legal validity; from a certified letters, sanitary documents, court rulings and business records, all of these may be transmitted and stored in MARAChain.

Based on blockchain technology, MARAChain will allow the user to access from any device with Internet access (smartphones, tablets, PC, etc.) to transfer sensitive documentation, through a distributed P2P network of nodes hosted in The main CPD of Europe. This network will store all transferred encrypted documents, and ensure exclusive access to the sender and recipient of these documents.

Through a very strict verification protocol (called KYC), equivalent to the one used by the financial and banking entities, it will be possible to verify the delivery of the transferred documents, as well as the sender; Proving and certifying all parties involved in the transfer. Everything is done online, regardless of the location, and instantly.

In this matter, users will be able to abandon the costly and inefficient current systems, which do not give a full guarantee of the delivery of the documents, and giving the recipient the obligation and inconvenience to be present in a place and at a certain time to be able to collect the documents. Through MARAChain, you only need to provide a telephone number or an email address to make the delivery.

The MARAChain team, in order to finance this project to reduce operating costs and at the same time supply a low-cost service without losing quality, will launch a ICO for anyone who is interested worldwide, they’ll be able to participate in this project and receive part of the Benefits of MARAChain. This ICO, which will fulfill the GDPR in a strict and certified way guaranteeing the security and privacy of the personal data of all its participants, this will give the option of the acquisition of MARA tokens at 29 euro cents ($0.34 US Dollars), and accepting cryptocurrency as a payment method such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as payments by credit cards and bank transfers; This will facilitate the participation in the ICO, usually reduced to users who are aware of the Cryptocurrencies. Participants who acquire MARA tokens through our platform will receive, at the end of ICO, a certificate that will grant them rights against the annual benefits of the project, regardless of the use given to the already acquired tokens. In addition to the methodology in the acquisition of tokens and the fulfilment of the GDPR, MARAChain will offer an extra-security in its ICO, adapting the processes to the regulatory regulations of the electronic commerce, something unusual in other ico, which they lack of framework Regulations. In this matter, owners who acquire MARA tokens through the official platform, can be sure that their funds will not be used for anything other than the development of the project.

The MARAChain team is formed by internationally recognised prestige professionals like D. Manuel Huerta in the cybersecurity area, computer forensic expert consultant and founding CEO of Lazarus Technology, a leading company in the sector of Data protection and retrieval; Gustavo Fumagalli in data protection area, with more than 15 years of experience in the Integral management of data protection and accredited expert in compliance audits of the GDPR for large companies and public institutions; Stefan Bergström, a Experienced private angel investor, advisor and serial entrepreneur based in Sweden, than he had invest in 18+ tech start-ups mainly focusing on Privacy by design principles, GDPR and compliance; and Vilma Misiukoniene, a professional with 20+ years experience in EU affairs and digital policies, IP & IT law, she has inter–disciplinary technical and legal backgrounds and strong connections with industry experts. All them and others big professionals led by A.J. Melián, a Online Software Engineer specialized in PHP, with experience in High Performance Environments (Health, Education, …); he has worked for large international technology consultancies, such as ATOS Origins; as well as with public entities, among which is the Government of the Canary Islands.

MARAChain will launch the ICO this summer (2018) from the Canary Islands (Europe), although will previously open a pre-sale process where participants can purchase the MARA tokens with interesting bonuses.