MARAChain & Lazarus Technology

Anuncio de Acuerdo de Inversión de Lazarus Technology por el que se garantiza el desarrollo y puesta en marcha de MARAChain.

MARAChain announces a private presale before launching an IEO on a top 10 crypto exchange

MARAChain is proud to announce it has received permission from a top 10 crypto exchange to launch an IEO on their exchange. Before proceeding with the IEO MARAChain will be having a private presale with significant discounts and bonuses.


KCoin hosts the first Trading Competition with MARAChain…

Kcoin will list MARAChain Cash for trading

MARAChain Cash will be list on Kcoin Pro, and this Exchanges will host our Trading Competition.
Right to Be Forgotten without corrupting the Blockchain

Right to Be Forgotten and the immutability of Blockchain

Sending Medical Test Results to Patient Dr. John Smith wants…